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Meet Your Marketing ✨ Fairy Godmother ✨

Does just thinking about your marketing feel overwhelming? Is it hard for you to know where to start or who to trust when it comes to marketing your business and your passion? The struggle is real 😩

I've been working with small and mid-size business owners for more than 8 years and I know that branding and marketing can be one of the most important and intimidating challenges that you'll face. 


If you've been stuck in the Marketing Spiral of Doom, don't worry! I promise there's a way out.


Let's chat about your needs and take those first steps forward so you can finally get your creative marketing on track, on target, and working towards your goals. 


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Ms. Kendall is an amazing brander and designer. We worked together developing my personal brand as I got ready to go on the academic and industry job markets. She jumped into detailed research taking ample time to not only learn about me, but about my industry. She exposed me to jobs I had no idea existed and expanded my possibilities. We then moved to branding, logo creation, and website design. She listened to my needs, executed beautiful, thoughtful work and then took feedback with growth and a flexible mindset. Her work led to multiple job interviews and overwhelmingly positive feedback from mentors and employers. I recommend Brand, Design, Create without hesitation for any projects across any industry, as I am confident Lori will dedicate the same, effort and detail to your specific needs.

Nathaly Batista-Morales, Nathaly Batista-Morales Consulting

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