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“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

- Joe Chernov, Marketing Leader

Marketing is essential for any business. A well-executed marketing campaign can build awareness, bring in new clients, encourage repeat purchase, and create a successful sales funnel that will allow you to monitor your efforts and make ongoing adjustments to increase efficiency. 


Marketing Project

Need help with a specific marketing project? Tell me about your needs and I'll see if I can find a service plan that works for you! Sample services include: 

Digital Marketing

Marketing Planning

Marketing Research

Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Ads

Marketing Analytics

Website Management

And more!

Option 1


Do your marketing needs vary? Do you have a variety of projects that could use design, marketing, or content creation services? Get the extra help you need with a customized retainer package that provides you with marketing solutions by the item or by the hour. 

Tell me about your business and goals and we'll work together to create a solution that fits your budget and needs. Begin with a Research Package that includes an overview of your marketing niche and competitors so that you can be sure you're competitively positioned and using the best marketing mix for your industry. 

Option 2