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5 Criteria for an Amazing Brand Name

Updated: Feb 2

If you're at the beginning of your business journey or at the point where you think a rebrand might be beneficial, you may be looking into creating a name for your company. But what makes the difference between an okay brand name and one that will act as an asset and elevate your company to the next level ? Check out these 5 criteria for an amazing brand to make sure your business name resonates with your target audience and stands out from the crowd.

1) An effective brand name is DISTINCTIVE⁠

It's important that your brand stands apart from your competitors and that it catches the eye of your target audience. If your name can be easily confused for someone else's or blends into the background, you may get lost in the marketing landscape!⁠ With so many amazing brand names that have already been taken across industries, it can be tempting to choose an existing brand name and simply change the spelling. Be cautious when using this method and make sure that people can still find your information online!

2) An effective brand name is APPROPRIATE⁠

You want your brand name to feel like it fits into your industry, that it matches your product, and that it conveys an overall sense of who you are and what you have to offer. If you offer a serious service in a serious industry, you don't want to have an overly creative and silly brand name. ⁠

3) An effective brand name is EASY TO SPELL & SAY⁠

This is to help people find you in searches and online. If you tell people your business name, but they have no idea how to search for it or convey it to others, you miss out on valuable Word-of-Mouth marketing and referrals.⁠

4) An effective brand name is LIKABLE⁠

This is especially helpful with people who have never encountered your brand before and might either see a physical store or come across you when browsing online. A likable brand name makes it much more likely that someone will engage with you and your brand, even if they've never heard of you before. ⁠

5) GREAT BRANDING can make the difference⁠

Even if you have a name that isn't stellar, great branding can make a huge difference. I like to tell my clients that one of the biggest bands of the 2000s was Limp Bizket - a name that breaks literally all of the rules, but was effective for them nonetheless. A subpar or even a bad name can be turned into something that resonates with your target audience when you have an incredible brand strategy behind it - so don't get too stuck on finding the perfect name if this is holding you back from branding your company!

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